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A free, open-source, and powerful AI knowledge base platform, offers out-of-the-box data processing, model invocation, RAG retrieval, and visual AI workflows. Easily build complex LLM applications.


90000+ Users are leveraging FastGPT to create their own specialized AI knowledge bases


Domain-Specific AI Assistant

Create AI-powered chatbots for specific domains by training models with imported documents or Q&A pairs.


Automated Data Preprocessing

Save time and improve efficiency with automated text preprocessing, vectorization, and QA segmentation.


Workflow Orchestration

Support AI Workflow orchestration, Design complex workflow using a visual drag-and-drop interface, integrating tasks like database queries and inventory checks.


Seamless API Integration

Seamlessly connect with existing GPT applications and platforms like Discord, Slack, and Telegram using OpenAI-aligned APIs.


Why Choose FastGPT?

Discover the advantages of FastGPT

Open Source

Secure and reliable open-source codebase.

Optimized Q&A

Enhanced question-answering accuracy for customer service.

Visual Workflow

Design complex workflows with ease using the Flow module.

Seamless Extensibility

Seamlessly integrate FastGPT into your applications via API.

Debugging Tools

Refine your models with comprehensive debugging features.

Multi-Model Compatibility

Compatible with various LLM models, with more to come.


Suitable for Commercial Use

FastGPT is an open-source and free AI knowledge base platform.

Open Source / Free

Freely deploy in private environments and use as a backend service for other applications.


  • Free of charge

  • Full access to source code

  • Customization and development

  • Commercial use under certain terms

Commercial Edition

An enhanced version built upon the open-source FastGPT.

SaaS Commercial License

  • Customization and development

  • Dedicated support

  • Custom copyright notice

  • Web application synchronization

  • Full commercial licensing

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Find answers to the most common inquiries here.

FastGPT allows commercial usage, such as serving as a backend service for other applications or as an application development platform for enterprises. However, when it comes to multi-tenant SaaS services or matters involving the LOGO and copyright information, you must contact the author to obtain a commercial license.

FastGPT supports importing documents in various formats, including Word, PDF, Excel, Markdown, and web links. It also enables syncing data from an entire website, automatically handling text preprocessing, vectorization, and QA splitting, which saves manual training time and improves efficiency.

As long as the API of the model you want to integrate aligns with the official OpenAI API, it can be used with FastGPT. You can utilize projects like One API to unify access to different models and provide an API that is compatible with the official OpenAI API.

If you come across any problems while using FastGPT, please join our community or forum, create a post, and reach out to us for assistance.

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