Improving AI's Ability To Grasp Your Knowledge
A knowledge-based platform built on the LLM
FastGPT Ability
AI Assistant
Both internally and externally, AI will be available to your users 24 hours a day
Automatic data preprocessing
It provides various data import methods, such as manual input, direct segmentation, automatic LLM processing, and CSV
Flow Settings
Flow based process orchestration mode, let your AI easily achieve database query, IO operation, networking communication and other expansion capabilities
External interface consistent with GPT API to help you easily access existing applications
Why FastGPT
FastGPT project code is open source, the content is safe and reliable
QA Structure
The index is constructed with the structure of QA pairs, and ADAPTS to various scenarios such as Q&A and reading
Visual workflow
Visualize modular operations, easily implement complex workflows, and make your AI no longer monolithic
Infinite Extension
HTTP based extension, easy to achieve custom functions
Convenient Debugging
Search testing, reference modification, full conversation preview and many other debugging ways
Multiple Models
Supports multiple models such as GPT, Claude, Spark, and ChatGLM
FastGPT is a dataset question answering system based on LLM large language model, which provides out-of-the-box data processing, model invocation and other capabilities. At the same time, workflow orchestration can be performed through Flow visualization to achieve complex Q&A scenarios!
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